Garden Waste Collection


What can I put in the dumpy bags?

Garden waste only - No other waste products please, as the garden waste goes for composting. Fill the bags with clippings, branches, leaves, etc. Please do not make the bags too heavy, as they need to be dragged by one person. 

Where shall I leave my full bags?

Please leave the bags at the edge of your property nearest the road and we will collect them from there.

Do all the bags I purchased have to be collected at the same time?

Yes, the payment made for multiple bags includes one delivery of the bags and one collection.

MQS offer a garden waste collection service. Order your dumpy bags below, we will deliver the empty bags, you fill them with garden waste, let us know when they are ready and we will collect them.

All bags will be collected at the same time.

To order your dumpy bags, please visit our shop.

1 x Dumpy bag = £28.00

2 x Dumpy bag = £50.00

3 x Dumpy bag = £63.00

4 x Dumpy bag = £73.00

5 x Dumpy bag = £82.00

6 x Dumpy bag = £90.00

The service is offered in postcodes:

TQ6 9, TQ6 0 (Sorry, not Kingswear)

TQ7 1, TQ7 2, TQ7 3, TQ7 4

TQ8 8, TQ9 5, TQ9 7

90cm x 90cm x 90cm

How quickly can I get the bags? 

You should receive your bags within 3 working days of placing your order.

How do I request a collection? 

When you receive your bags, we will make sure you have our phone number and email address. Let us know when you are ready for collection and we will collect as soon as we can.

How do I order? 

Head to 'our shop' and click on the number of bags you would like to buy.