Dumpy / Garden Bags 

Dumpy Bags - prices start from £3

Size: 90cm x 90cm x 90cm - Flat Base. Open Top. Reinforced Side Seams. Four Looped Handles

Colour: White with black handles

Safe Working Load: 1000 Kg ( 1 Tonne )

Safety Factor: 5:1

Single-Trip Loops: 4 x 30cm Loops (Side Seam)

Base Fabric: White Woven Polypropylene Unprinted

Certified : Yes 

Garden waste bags - prices start from £2.50

Garden Waste Bag 120 Litre.

45cm x 45cm x 60cm High. 

Heavy Duty Green Waste Sack.

Great quality garden bags.

Bottom handle makes it easy to empty.

Scaffolding bags - prices start from £3.00

Size: 45cm x 30cm diameter - Flat Round Base. Open Top. Reinforced Bottom Seams. Two Looped Handles

Colour: White 

Safe Working Load: 40 Kg 

Safety Factor: 5:1

Certified : Yes ( as in the photo )